Workers Compensation

If you have suffered an injury at work, you are entitled to very specific rights that are governed by New Hampshire’s Workers’ Compensation Law.  While the workers’ compensation insurance carrier assigned to your claim is bound to follow that law, it will almost never advise you – the injured worker – as to your specific rights in order to help you maximize your benefits.  Our firm has the extensive experience necessary to assist in the navigation of this complex body of law to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

Examples of some of the rights to which Injured Workers in New Hampshire are entitled, include:

  • Full payment of all medical bills for treatment that is reasonable, necessary and related to the work injury;
  • Weekly Indemnity/Wage Benefits to offset 60% of the lost wages resulting from the work injury;
  • Reimbursement for reasonable costs of medication and medical apparatus to treat the work injury;
  • Reimbursement for mileage to and from medical treatment appointments for the work injury;
  • Temporary Alternative Duty work assignments accommodating restrictions resulting from the work injury to the extent available from the employer;
  • Reinstatement of Employment under certain circumstances and time limitations;
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services to assist the injured worker to reenter the work force in the event of an injury that prevents reinstatement to the job held at the time of injury;
  • Compensation for Permanent Impairment under certain circumstances.

Every case is different and is driven by its specific facts and circumstances, which impacts the rights to which each individual may be entitled.  We have successfully helped hundreds of injured workers obtain those rights to which they are entitled.


I am extremely happy with the representation I received in my workers' compensation matter. Rick is calm. He made me feel like an old friend. He made me feel comfortable. His staff is very kind and pleasant. I cannot say thank you enough. I look forward to working with Rick and his staff if needed in the future. I am very pleased. — J.E.


I have been a client of Attorney Ward since June of 2005. My experience as a client with Attorney Ward has been beyond excellent. He has walked me through some difficult times in litigating my cases and has always been nothing but professional. He has a great compassion for helping people. Attorney Ward did such an excellent job in my first experience working with him, that I have had other legal matters that I had returned to receive the same excellent service. Attorney Ward is very kind and compassionate and listens to exactly what the Client wants. He follows through and delivers everything he has promised. He also is very honest and if he cannot help you he will tell you right away. Again, I would return to work with Attorney Ward if I need further legal assistance. — C.M.