Practice Areas

Workers Compensation

If you have suffered an injury at work, you are entitled to very specific rights that are governed by New Hampshire’s Workers’ Compensation Law. > read more

Personal Injury

The single most important task for a person, who has been injured in an accident, is to focus on recovering from the injuries that have been suffered.  Often times, after an accident, it becomes impossible for a person to focus on that important task because of the distractions created by the legal process. > read more

Family Law / Divorce

When a relationship with a spouse or partner breaks down, the emotional toll that it takes on both parties can produce difficulties and barriers that require the assistance of a knowledgeable legal professiona. > read more

Condominium Law

The firm’s principal has established years of experience successfully assisting Condominium Associations in a wide variety of legal issues. > read more

Landlord / Tenant

The legal obligations owed by Landlords to their Tenants is complicated and requires an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional to provide the guidance necessary to attempt to avoid and resolve both current and future disputes. > read more

Employment Law

Our firm handles a wide variety of legal matters related to the employer/employee relationship.  Our understanding of the legal aspects of these claims provides an overarching foundation to pursuit of effective solutions for our clients in these difficult matters. > read more

Business Support / Formation

We assist small businesses from inception and beyond.  As a full service general practice law firm, we are dedicated to applying our base of knowledge and experience to assist small businesses properly form a legal identity under New Hampshire Law and to effectively and efficiently formulate a strategy for doing business in the context of a wide array of legal requirements. > read more